Free Activities in Baltimore For The Whole Family



When I think of my hometown of Baltimore City, several familiar tastes, smells and memories come to mind. One cannot come to Baltimore without experiencing our love for Old Bay, Natty Boh, Berger Cookies and good ole’ fashioned Lemon Peppermint Sticks. Did I mention our undeniable Maryland Crab Cake? There are no other crab cakes like it and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you never try one hon’!

Baltimore is home to Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII Champs, known as the Baltimore Ravens. Baseball is a favorite pastime for Maryland and we are forever loyal to our Baltimore Orioles. We have even incorporated a powerful “Ooooooooohhh!!!!” into the Star Spangled Banner. Baltimore bleeds Purple, Black and Orange.

“Crab Cakes and Football, THAT’S what Maryland DOES!!!” – Credit: Wedding Crashers (2005)

If everything listed above isn’t enough to get you to drop what you are doing, grab the kids and head to this amazing city, there is more. Baltimore is an incredibly diverse and colorful city that offers endless opportunities for free, fun and educational experiences. Baltimore is home to an amazing artist’s community, world-renowned festivals, various museums, picturesque parks and unique architecture. Here, I have listed some of my favorite places in Baltimore that offer free fun for every person in your family.


The Baltimore Museum of Arts

The Baltimore Museum of Art has over 90,000 works of art. This internationally renowned collection includes 19th century, modern, and contemporary pieces. This museum offers collections of art from all over the world. See pieces from the Ancient Americas, Antioch Mosaics, and Pacific Islands. Enjoy the fascinating Sculpture Garden with its 34 sculptures, fountains and terraced gardens. The Sculpture Garden sits on three acres and it’s the perfect setting for a picnic. Bring the family and enjoy the “Jazz in the Sculpture Garden” concerts they offer during the summer.

The Walters Art Museum

When I was younger, I really enjoyed the displays of medieval armor, swords and crossbows from the 19th Century that The Walters Art Museum offers. If medieval isn’t really your style, they offer collections ranging from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, India and Baroque Europe as well. This museum is extremely family friendly. They offer free tours and workshops that allow your children to create artwork and engage in interactive activities. Every Saturday and Sunday they have “Drop-In” Art Activities. The whole family can create an amazing piece of artwork that is yours to keep!


Edgar Allen Poes Grave

If you visit Baltimore, a stop at this famous American Writers Grave is a must. There is something very ethereal about standing beside the grave of such an iconic author. The church grounds and the grave itself are all accessible to the public free of charge. The catacombs are a must see, and even though there is a small charge for a tour, it is very worthwhile.

Fun Fact: The Baltimore Ravens were named after this author’s poem, “The Raven.” The NFL Teams three mascots are even named Edgar, Allen and Poe.

Baltimore’s Pirate Ship

Located at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore’s very own pirate ship is available two days a week for a free tour and Pirate Story Time. This is great for young children who want to partake in a Pirate Adventure!

Walter Sondheim Fountain

It’s 90 Degrees and you don’t have access to a pool. No worries! With 53 interactive water jets, the Walter Sondheim Fountain offers water fun for everyone! Located at the Inner Harbor, all you really need is a bathing suit and a small picnic to enjoy this free fountain in all of its glory.

Pierce’s Park

This park is not your average park. With intricate sculptures, a musical fence and a tunnel made from trees, this park offers more than just a playground. The sculptures are made for climbing and the musical fence triggers your child’s inner Bach. It is a place for endless imagination.


Patterson Park

Patterson Park is a personal favorite pastime for me. When I was younger, my father would take me to see the Pagoda. It was always such a mystery to me. I remember my father explaining the history of the Pagoda and the meaning of it to our community. I have always found it breathtakingly beautiful. However, this park offers so much variety! There is a Dog Park, a beautiful Marble Fountain, a Boat Lake and so much more. There are several playgrounds that are easily every kid’s dream to play on. This is a park that you could easily spend the day at. Grab a blanket and a picnic and enjoy one of Baltimore’s favorite parks.

 Movie Night!!!

Baltimore also offers free outdoor movies in certain places. Enjoy a night out with or without the kids!

On Wednesday nights, you can catch a movie on the Broadway Pier in Fells Point.

Every Friday night in July and August, you can catch an incredibly romantic Italian movie in Little Italy.

Grazie amore per sapermi amare” – Thank you my love for knowing how to love me.

The possibilities are endless for family fun in Baltimore! Whether you are looking for art, history, fun in the sun, or just looking to enjoy a relaxing day sightseeing, Baltimore offers many options for free! Baltimore is a city I am proud to call home. Everyone should experience this culturally diverse city at least once. It truly is an amazing place to be!

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