6 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Season 5 of The Walking Dead


It’s Baaaccckkkkkk!!!! Season 5 of The Walking Dead is days away, airing on Sunday, October 12th. I have been waiting months for this! I have a slew of favorite TV Shows, but this one is definitely in my Top Five.

As we all know, the second half of Season 4 was a bit slow for our favorite flesh eating zombies. We spent 8 episodes following everyone in separate groups as they pushed forward trying to find a safe place to sleep. We had to watch in anticipation as each character followed the railroad tracks, looking for signs leading them to an apparent “Safe Haven” known simply as “Terminus.” We watched in horror as Lizzie killed her sister, Mika, in hopes that she would “turn” and live forever. This left Carol with only one option, killing Lizzie. We also watched sweet Beth get kidnapped and Daryl lose his way… That was the most excitement we got out of those 8 episodes until everyone finally arrived at Terminus. We were left wondering what exactly took place at Terminus and my suspicions led me to believe there was a whole lot of finger sticks and belly patties being served up for dinners. Season 4 ended with the people of Terminus locking up our beloved Walking Dead Characters with no easy sign of escape mapped out…

Here we are… Sunday is just days away and we will finally see what’s next for our group! Here are some reasons you should really be watching Season 5 of The Walking Dead:

  1. The Uncertainty is Terrifying. We really have no idea what Terminus is or who those people are. We are going into the first episode not sure how our favorites are going to escape or if they will escape. Everyone in our group has been locked up aside from Carol and Tyreese and Baby Judith. We have no idea where they are and if they will stumble upon Terminus and become bait like the rest of them. And we are still missing Beth, which leads me to my next point…
  2. Beth is still alive. We don’t know for how long and we don’t even know who or what has her. But it is long overdue for us to find out more about Beth’s whereabouts and I am hoping for a safe return to the group. Fingers crossed.
  3. There are new characters. We were made aware that some new faces will be gracing our TV Screens. The executive producer of the show, David Alpert, informed the fans that two very big characters were heading our way. One is Gareth, the leader of Terminus; another is Father Gabriel Stokes. For those that have read the comics, this comes as no surprise to them and they already know who these people are and what their story entails. However, I have never read the comics and I have no clue who these characters are. I will be going into it blind and hoping that at least one of them isn’t pure evil. New characters mean new plot lines and that is a very good thing for the show.
  4. Michonne is finally opening up. Michonne finally told parts of her story in Season 4. She let Carl in more than she has in past seasons and has become a little softer in her approach with people. I see Michonne becoming closer to the rest of our Walking Dead “Family” and serving a bigger part in the show. This is what I am hoping for anyways… She is my favorite character after all (next to Daryl).
  5. Daryl Effing Dixon. Daryl doesn’t really need a big explanation. He is by far the best character on The Walking Dead. This worries me though… The producers of the show like to stir the pot and they really love shock value. I fear the worst for Daryl because he is a fan favorite and this show doesn’t shy away from killing off some of the biggest characters. I’m still crying over Herschel. Let Daryl Live!!!
  6. Prepare yourself for bleakness and gore. This is it. We have all been pre-warned by the show’s producers that the first episode will set the mood for the entire season. We were told that nothing is certain and that can only mean we are going to lose some pretty important characters. I have a feeling this season will be filled with lots of blood and lots of frustrated screams at my television screen when something doesn’t go the way I want it too. Then again, this is the whole reason why I keep watching.

If you weren’t convinced that this season of The Walking Dead is a must watch before reading this, well, now you have no excuse. I have given you plenty of reasons to tune into bloodthirsty Zombies and potential Cannibals. This season will be filled with more blood and more kick-ass zombie killing scenes then you will know how to handle. Grab a bag of popcorn and a nice glass of red wine and join me while I sit back helplessly watching people get their faces eaten off.

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